That is not going to contemplate you, if you are using cell phone yourself. Cell  phone is extremely convenient and full of gadgets, that really help you co engage with your close ones or maybe individuals you don’t know via mobile Internet.

To operate these gadgets in your cell phone demands an additional power. This in turn produces extra RF, EMR, EMF or electromagnetic waves radiation in plain terms. These electromagnetic waves radiate to your brain and have effect on it.

“FULL SIGNAL” Documentary Trailer

The Brain Surgeon Dr. Charlie Teo in Australia states that for average brain tumor to develop takes about 10 years. The brain tumor can strike at any time and any age.  If you are 7 or 77 years.

“Before I had Joint Line attached to my cell phone, I would sometimes feel weak or ill after being on the phone for a long time. Hence, I’d always try to cut my cell phone calls short. But, after applying Joint Line to my cell phone, I don’t get that enervated ill feeling anymore. There’s definitely a difference with Joint Line!”
Mike Jezek “Psychology-Powered Copywriting” Website: www.MikeJezek.com

Many governments of Developed countries are aware of it:
A France’s proposed law would make it illegal to promote the sale and use of the devices to children under the age of 12 because they can be “more vulnerable because their bodies are still developing,”

Israel’s Health Ministry last July urged caution in the use of cell phones, especially by children, after research demonstrated a potential increased probability of cancer.

Swedish researchers have found that children as well as teenagers are five times more prone to get brain cancer from cell phone, causing concern their may be an epidemic of the disease for young people later in life.

Russian Ministry of Health: Young people under 18 should avoid using cell phones.

Toronto’s Department of Public Health: Children under eight should only use cellphone in emergencies; teenagers should restrict calls to 10 minutes or less.

The French Ministry has warned, “cell phone use is growing at a fast pace among youths”, knowing that young children may be “more sensitive because their bodies are still developing”.

The cell phone use is dangerous, especially to children.

Some other studies published in Europe have proven an increase in brain cancers from heavy cell phone use for over 10 years.

Think about young people today on their cell phones, starting very young, through college, on to professional and family lives. 10, 20 years of serious exposure.

If you are not great cellphone user yourself, there is a probability you may outlive your children.

Electromagnetic radiation is present in all electrical appliances, but the strongest one is:

  • Cell phone radiation
  • Blackberry radiation
  • iPhone radiation
  • Tablet radiation
  • Laptop radiation
  • Microwave ovens radiation
  • Photocopiers radiation
  • X-box and Play station radiation

March 8… “Cell Phones Affect Brain Activity.” That headline has appeared all over the world since Nora Volkow published a PET scan of a brain lit up by a cell  phone last month.

Do you have unexplained headaches, earaches, chronic fatigue, hot ear, blurred vision, dizziness, lack of concentration, memory loss or nausea. Many cell phone, mobile phone or cordless phone users complain just of that.

Do you remember the debacles of the asbestos and tobacco? It is clear that, in the long term, it is just not worth taking risks. Don’t accept the industry denials that cell phones are safe.

Just imagine, that cell phone industry would admit to any of these dangers of Electro Magnetic Radiation. It would result in so many law suits that it would send each and every company manufacturing cell phones bankrupt. Today there are over 5 billion cell phones around the world. It’s a time bomb ticking.

What people who experienced the brain tumor and were lucky enough to survive, say:

I got headaches and dizzy spells. I could hardly see anything out of my right eye. I started having seizures, numbness on the right side of my lips. Within a week, my cheek, nose, eye, and ear on the right side all went numb. I also had slurred speech.

I have painful pressure in my ears. I couldn’t remember my dog’s name the other night, and I can’t concentrate on reading or writing anymore unless it is short periods.

I started having trouble remembering words and would have to make one up to cover for what I was talking about.

I could see what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t make the words go together.

My symptoms were trouble walking, slight change in my personality and trouble putting my thoughts in order. My tumor was located behind my left ear, the portion of the brain that affects your motor skills.

My symptoms were I had no control of my left foot. I was unable to get my shoes on.

In my experience with a benign brain tumor, I kept a “dull” headache not severe but ever present.

My right shoulder is paralyzed, and I have great difficulty in swallowing. The right side of my face is not quite in alignment with the left side.

I had a brain tumor 5 years ago it was benign my right eye was sunk into the back of my head putting pressure on the brain everything now clear hopefully wont return. Please check all symptoms don’t put anything off.

The truth about Electromagnetic Radiation could shock you.

Did you know that  distorts natural frequency patterns?

You should be aware, that prolonged exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation can cause:

• Headaches
• Stress and sexual health
• Sterility
• Lack of energy
• Inability to concentrate
• Irritability
• DNA damage on a cell level
• Increased fatigue
• Immune system disorders
• lack of concentration
• memory loss
• many other ailments

Do you want to still enjoy the convenience of your cellphone?

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Your energy which used to fight the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation may be used for:

  • Improving function of your organs
  • Increase metabolic efficiency
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Stimulate your body’s own healing process
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Help to Relieve your stress
  • Improve your well-being
  • To achieve more in less time
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1 – The simple device of the Joint Line®™ System Protector, named “Bio-product of the Year” in London in 1993, so it is not some fly by night miracle.

2 – The Joint Line®™System is based on the Law of Resonance. It is the same Earth law as Gravity, or Magnetism. It works no matter what one believes.

3 – As you probably know, Aggressive Free Radicals are generated in the body because of external sources like Air pollution, Radiation and Ultraviolet Light. These external sources help tip the balance in the wrong direction. Free radicals in the human body can attack and damage cells. The symptoms and diseases can be caused by negative environmental influences. These negative influences cause molecular changes in the tissues of living organisms.

4 – The Joint Line®™ System balances your energy levels to their optimum and improves the organ function. It is as if you are walking near the ocean or are in the mountains, where there are high amounts of negative ions.

Protect your children from electromagnetic radiation that can wipe out your entire family.

The teenagers have cell phones welded to their ears. Many parents give cell phones to their young children because they want to stay in contact with them, nor realizing the consequences.

Just as yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to stop unexplained headaches, earaches, chronic fatigue, hot ear, blurred vision, dizziness or lack of concentration?
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Would you lend a car without seat belts to your teenage son or daughter?

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